The digital nomadic dream

It’s been a dream of mine for the past few years to try this so-called wonderful digital nomadic life and experience a new culture, all while having the cashola rollin’ on in to fund my glorious trip.

So hubby, preschooler son and I packed our bags and left the creeping winter of Brisbane for a dalliance in his home town — Belgrade, Serbia.

The plan’s been to take two weeks off work (dreamin’) and then get back to client work in a regular fashion, prospecting all the dream European clients from all the networking events I attend and singing at the best luxury hotels around the city.

The reality: late nights of preschooler screaming due to sleeping in an unfamiliar home with little understanding of what his grandma is barking at him (it’s usually just “EAT, Luka”, and “you’re such a handsome boy”) and lots of “NE” (no) grunting at almost every request.

To say I’m frazzled is quite correct.

You see, my husband went back to Australia to work. So we’ve got another two months in this wonderful town unbuffered by his knowledge and translation skills. So, basically, shit’s hit the fan.

Also, am I working or on holidays?

Not too sure where I fit here because I don’t have a work groove yet. Am I on holidays or working? Or working on holidays?

Dream — Prospecting clients early morning in Australia means a steady stream of continuous new work
Reality– Lazing in the morning because *ahem* Belgrade people sleep in!

Tips for others wanting the dream working/holiday

Put your hand up for subbing for other writers while you’re away so you don’t have to get up at dawns crack and Zoom with clients.
Also, make sure you have an online biz support networking cheering you on.

The beautiful people at The Clever Copywriting Community have been lovingly supporting my discomfort and encouraging me to stay on and make the most of this journey.

And so I will continue to make Belgrade my bitch.

And eat ALL the yummy food.