My Story


Before becoming a voice-over artist, copywriter and content creator I worked on some of the biggest touring theatre shows in Australia for 15 years. 

After working with people such as Hugh Jackman on ‘The Boy From Oz’ and film Director George Miller on ‘Happy Feet’, I was burnt out from striving for my star to rise. 

My hips were screaming at me to find a less physically demanding job, and I was ready to bring the artists feast-or-famine cycle firmly into my own hands 

I took my final long contract as a vocalist on a cruise ship, and after a two-year stint sailing around Europe and the USA, I was ready to get serious about building life back in Australia (with a sexy European in tow).

Back in Australia, I tried transitioning into teaching performing arts fulltime and toyed with the idea of opening a dance studio. But couldn’t shake the vision of having a more flexible career. One I could run from anywhere in the world. 


That’s when writing started to look attractive.

I wet my feet in the voice-over world on my return to Brisbane.

l learnt the ropes on the job for Southern Cross Austereo, where my professional acting and presenting skills got a workout. I was working behind the microphone voicing and reading hundreds of copywriting scripts. I even worked on big-name campaigns for the network’s clients such as Myer, Priceline Pharmacy, The Coffee Club and Boost Juice

Here’s the thing

I dislike working in an office, not reaching my potential to make other people’s dreams come true.

I’m an entrepreneur. A Boss (and a Leo).

So I quit.

But my challenge as a freelancer has been sticking to the one thing. As an enthusiast of life and learning it’s been challenging to keep my eyes off all the shiny new things and to focus on just one or two.

I had to learn to stay in my own lane, put my head down, and back myself as a boss instead of playing as a distracted hobbyist.

So I delved deeper into what supporting business owners as a career on my own terms looked like.

And once I connected to the service aspect of it, I was hooked.

Being able to connect my communication skills and love of storytelling with having a personal stake in the success of others really fires me up.

It makes me think I’ve cracked the code to the work/life thing.

And my background in entertainment means I’m an ideas machine who can inject creativity and personality easily into your business.


I knew that investing in myself, upskilling and attending conferences on copywriting was the next step to showing up as a professional business owner.

Since then, I’ve booked a dream four-figure blog-writing gig for online educational technology company Blackboard, made great contacts, helped bosses connect with their ideal clients, and improved the bottom line of many families.

It also meant I could give more regularly to my favourite charity, KIVA.org.


Now, I focus on creating outstanding value for my clients, friendly and professional customer service and support helping to lift them towards becoming bold business bosses.

I’m also growing my systems and processes so I can continue spending summer in Europe with my son’s grandparents.

Community Love

Supporting women in remote and disadvantaged communities is important to me. I offer loans (which they payback) to buy supplies for their business or school fees for their higher education.

If giving back is important to you, you can join my fabulous lending team and become a KIVA giver today too.

Products I love. Suppliers I trust.

I may be an individualist, but I know nothing gets done with a team of committed, driven and wholehearted humans. 

Design + Brand development

I work closely with the designer April Hardy, from Zanzera Creative Co. in Toowoomba. 

Bec was great with communication, timing, and management of the project.

I personally highly recommend Bec and her work to any individual or professional in need of a voice over artist. Bec’s voice is professional and mature, perfect for any business. All sound files requested match up and sync perfectly. We will definitely be working with Bec in the future.

Nicholas Sansom – Root Layer Technologies, Brisbane. 

So that’s me. If you need a copywriter in Western Brisbane, let’s book a time to chat today. 

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