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Hi, I’m Bec

If you’re after copywriting and content that has tonnes of personality, you need a writer who can match that.

I love supporting your vision, working collaboratively, and creating expressive content that’s so good it makes your hair stand on end. I’m a writer and voice-over professional who is all about helping ease your daily ball-juggle struggle with my multitasking ninja skills. Massaging your messaging gives me energy like a Latin lover gets from Champagne and lace.

When you hire me to write your website or voice your ad campaign, you’re hiring a professional to fill it with words that convince your customers to become paying clients.

Pretty powerful stuff, hey?

Lucky for you, I love a good challenge.

I keep returning because she's amazing at what she does

I've used Bec on several occasions now, and. Whether it's editing and proofreading to make sense of my work, or taking an idea and crafting a beautifully written blog that captures the audience with her words, she's a total gem.

Her willingness to take on anything, deliver on time and to the brief and always be learning new skills makes her an ideal copywriter.

You won't be disappointed if you choose Bec for your next job.

Tanya Abdul Jalil, Hayzel Media, Melbourne

Why choose me as your content collab professional?

I’m a communications strategist, copywriter and voice-over artist who started writing online theatre reviews for Aussietheatre.com more than eight years ago.

I use my qualifications in coaching, training and assessment, and my entrepreneurial experience when I show up to write for you.

My background in theatre means you meet with a dynamic and fun-loving professional who knows when to get serious and when to enjoy themselves.

Our briefing calls may include singing, but my sleek processes always ensure an organised and smooth ride.


Who I work with

While I aim to make even the most boring offer sound interesting, I mostly work with lifestyle and wellness brands, makers, creators and do-gooders.

I express your vision with an original and fresh marketing message that sounds uniquely you. No cookie-cutter regurgitations of other websites.

I work on crafting a tone of voice that is all youUse the right words plus SEO and you might just get yourself on page one of Google search.

How I can help


What I can do for you

Vocal Coaching

If you're struggling to find an easy, balanced and powerful voice, I can help. Whether you're a complete beginner or an experienced singer, my friendly and results-driven service helps passionate vocalists make noise!


Ready to use the power of video and podcasts to cut through the noise online and be noticed? From podcast intros, in-house training course videos to on-hold phone messages, you can use my voice to sell your thing.

Public Speaking Coaching

Public speaking is the next step in growing your business so you can create opportunities not wait for them. I help big-hearted women who are developing leaders, erase self-doubt, become confident and make an impact!

Ten fun facts about me

Here are some things that help paint a picture of my personality.

1. I moonlight as a vocalist and sing live with my band The Vintage Belles

2. I’m married to a European and aim spend three months a year with his family in Serbia practising the language

3. I love travelling and spent two years working on cruise ships as a vocalist. I’ve been to over 45 countries

4. I’ve toured with big-name actors and musicians such as Hugh Jackman, John Farnham, and Chrissie Amplehett

5. My mission is to empower people to live their most courageous and daring lives (that includes helping your thing succeed!)


6. I taught fulltime performing arts to teenagers while building up my copywriting business on the side

7. I’m allergic to shellfish and had an anaphylactic reaction on a cruise ship in the middle of the Meditteranean Sea

8. I’m consistently curious about respectful parenting strategies and consciously build a strong bond with my son

9. I shaved my head at the end of 2018 as a way to break the habit of trichotillomania

10. I’m a tea totaler and I don’t drink booze! 

 Want to work with a creative and curious professional?

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Sitemap • TERMS & CONDITIONSPRIVACY POLICY • 2024 All Rights Reserved © Bec Djapovic Creative