6 tips on how to use video to engage your audience

From an actor and casting assistant: easily connect your message to your market

The future is video.

It’s everywhere and if you want to stand out in a crowded market you’ve got to show up and shine.

And you know this theoretically, but when you start thinking about making a video you can’t seem to shake the nerves, the second-guessing and the muddled mind about choosing what to say in a super short 90-second video, how to film it and where to upload it online.

I get it.

Even with over 20 years of experience as an Actor successfully auditioning in front of a camera I still hit these roadblocks.

Luckily, I have a system that gets me back on track, fast!

But before you get your hands on my system, here are 6 of my favourite topics to create videos that engage your audience.


1. The story behind why you started your business


Your audience lives to know about your backstory. How did you end up where you are now? What was the catalyst for creating your business? What’s your zero to hero journey?

Share the steps it took to get to where you are now and what your skills and life experience have been. Use this video to solidify your expertise and showcase your qualities. Really hone in on 2-3 reasons why your business is the best place for your audience to spend their time and money on.

2. Who your ideal target market is and how you serve them


Create a video explaining who your ideal target market is and how you help them.

If you have a few ideal avatars, great, talk about all of them in a systematic way. Really express how you can make a difference in their lives. Do you compete on quality of service or product, customer service or price?

You really want to figure out your main selling point and showcase that in your video.


3. Case studies or success stories


In this video, you want to showcase a client who has had success from engaging with your business.

If you’re a wellness practitioner, you can ask a client to prepare a testimonial for you explaining how they felt before they went to you and how their life has improved after treatments.

But be careful, if you have letters after your name such as Dr. you must follow the guidelines of your industry body which generally doesn’t allow before and after claims. Make sure you research that one!


4. Behind the scenes video of your workspace


Everyone loves a good peek behind the curtain of your brand. Think everyday moments. Make this video about revealing your workspace, what you do during a typical day or sharing a routine you follow before you show up at your workspace. This can be really fun to create.


5. Share a business fail in good humour


No one will move through their life or business without making some poor decisions or experiencing failures. Use this video to share a failure and explain how you moved through it. Tell it in a story form as stories are the perfect way to connect emotionally with another person.


6. Shout out to other people in your industry who are going a great job


This last one takes some trust in the motto ‘there’s plenty of room at the top’ and a belief that shining the light on others brings more business your way. It may seem counter-intuitive, but creating a top 5 list of people who are rocking it in your industry can be a great way to link your customer’s perception of your success to the other successful brands. Plus, you’ll create backlinks from your video to their websites which is great SEO practice.


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