Female-centered public speaking and leadership training

For women who want to learn the deeper art and soul of public speaking

Speak up and share your opinions with clarity, courage and confidence

Why join WomanSpeak?



Our public speaking circles are created to support women like you to find and amplify your authentic voice


WomanSpeak Circles provide a safe space for communities of brave women to show up and shine. And celebrate others along the way.


The nurturing circles also allows you to continue improving and enhancing your public speaking practice.




What makes WomanSpeak circles so special

What you get when you join Bec’s circles

  • World-Class Training: Our curriculum supports women in clarifying and owning the value of their ideas. We teach women how to prepare and deliver talks, presentations and communications that move, impact and influence their listeners
  • ​High-Level Support: We support women in feeling confident and free to speak up & be themselves in a variety of settings: public talks on stages, panel discussions, group/team meetings, fundraising conversations and more.
  • Break-Through Challenges: We help women to transform fear, doubt and resistance to sharing their voices into natural confidence and charisma. We deal with the unique challenges that come up for women around sharing their voices in the presence of men.
  • Celebration: We provide a very supportive, celebratory and fun environment!

Experience a taste of the program

Get a taste of WomanSpeak’s unique foundational practices

Join me for a two hour online experience 

Success stories

The women who’ve joined WomanSpeak have gone onto speak to national and international audiences 

Meet your facilitator

Hi, Im Bec, and I believe your voice needs to be heard

Im a curious, friendly, and creative storyteller who also believes in the power of harnessing our innate creativity to be an unstoppable force for good. 

As a performing artist, Ive kicked a leg alongside Hugh Jackman and worked deeply with director George Miller during the filming of the Oscar-winning film Happy Feet. Ive fought to be the top 1% of artists who wrangle their dreams into reality. And learned that the competition is fierce, and you can play in that space if you want, BUT there is a better way of living.

Through my two decades of teaching practice with emerging artists, I know how to hold space for women and girls to feel deeply held, seen and heard. It’s through these experiences that Ive learned the power of women in support of each other, NOT in competition with each other.

These days, my ambitions are to be a whole-hearted mother, wife and community leader who takes a stand for women, where they may not be a stand for themselves, yet. 

When Im not leading WomanSpeak circles youll find me making music, crafting impactful words as a copywriter and creating voice-overs for big-hearted brands. 

I’m thrilled you’re here to learn more about this work. And, I invite you to come along to my next intro session to really get a taste of its profound and transformative energy.

Let’s do this!

Antoanela Safca Writer Coaching Client

She helps me move forward with more clarity and dare I say…confidence

I am my business, and my business can’t grow unless I grow and work on my confidence, so I see Bec’ confidence coaching as a non-negotiable in my business plan.

Antoanela Safca, Writer, Melbourne

Ready to experience greater clarity and confidence? 


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Sitemap • TERMS & CONDITIONSPRIVACY POLICY • 2024 All Rights Reserved © Bec Djapovic Creative