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Marketing straight to your client’s inbox

Email marketing straight into your customer’s inbox is still the most powerful form of connection with your audience.

Unleash your inner pen-friend and create email sequences that impact your readers emotionally.


Only have a small list?

Nurture the one you have and work on growing it with healthy and exciting lead magnets.

From email strategy to content creation, I can help.

Your Teen Mag editor Sue Borison

I just used Bec for the first time, and we’ll definitely be using her again. She presented drafts for a landing page and email sequence for Your Teen for Parents’ upcoming workshops. I chose Bec because she came highly recommended by someone I trust. Turns out Bec over-delivers. Her words captured our intent better than we could articulate ourselves. And she’s delightful to work with. She’s a rare find.

Sue Borison, Editor, Your Teen Magazine, USA

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