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Here's what I know about you.

You pour your heart and soul into your business.  You're driven by a desire connect, influence and make a difference through your work.

You've spent late, (did I mention late) nights building upon your dreams so you can have the kind of freedom, security, and adventure in your life that makes your toes curl.

You're busy changing the world and working in your zone of genius.

And we need you for that.

You need the time and space to be energised and focused on your brilliance so you can make your impact on the world by hiring a professional.

With me, you get a professional who uses words the Google gremlins love. You get friendly service and high-quality work that turns casual browsers into loyal clients.

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"Bec is the most professional freelance writer I’ve come across. She asked me the right questions in order to find the mindset of my audience and created a voice which spoke directly to them. An eye-opening approach, and an excellent writer. Fast. Happy to accommodate revisions. Highly recommend and happy to use again."

Lauren Leisk Educational Toys Expert

About me

I'm a Copywriter and voiceover artist with a love of all things arty.

My background in theatre means you meet with a dynamic and fun-loving professional who knows when to get serious and when to enjoy.

My versatile voice is featured in campaigns for big brands such as Boost Juice, Myer and The Coffee Club, as well as local businesses and start-ups.

Working together

I'm all about supporting your vision and creating content that's so good it makes your bum clench.

Exciting isn't it.

Um, what are you waiting for? Call 0413 652 122 to get started or book a free 15-minute consult with me today.

Rebecca Grennan Djapovic

Voice chanteuse, linguistic lady boss, wordsmith and creative samurai

Next Steps

If you're getting the feeling we might work well together then let's see if that proves right.